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We’re keeping it all short but sweet today since we’re winding down for Christmas. So just the bare facts from hereon in. The name of Denon’s DHT-M330DV Two-Box DVD Home Cinema mîcro tells you all you need to know really: it’s in a two-box format, it’s mîcro-sized for small spaces, it’s a DVD home cinema system. For £449.99 you get that plus a 5.1 speaker system. It comes with PAL Progressive Scan, RGB on SCART and Dolby PLIIx. Other features include Auto Decode (automatically detects the sound format when you put a disc in); Quick Setup to make it easy for new users; and, most importantly, a remote control with illuminated buttons.

DHT-M330DV 7.1 capable mîcro DVD Surround System
– Delivered as 5.1 yet 6.1 and 7.1 capable
  via pre-out jacks with additional amplification
– 6 x 20 watts into 6 ohms – high-quality amplification
– DTS-ES Discrete 6.1. DTS-Neo:6,
– Dolby Digital + EX plus Dolby Pro-Logic IIx
– Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker ‘Wide’
   which enlarges the soundfield in small rooms
– PAL 625p Progressive Scan via component
  for best picture with Plasma and LCD screens
– RGB on SCART for best picture on conventional TVs
– Denon’s whole suite of MP3/WMA & Family
  Photo replay JPEG and Photo-CD
– Auto-Format Decode, Quick Set-Up and simple
  Screen On-Screen Displays for easy consumer use
– Full AM/FM radio with FM RDS and 40 memory presets
– Neat two-box design – each component is just 70mm
  high and 210 mm wide, with an alloy front panel and side cheeks

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  • Well its past x-mas and I didn’t get the home theater :(, but the good news is I got enough x-mas money to buy me one 🙂

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