Solio Solar Powered iPod Charger

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What’s this? An iPod accessory that doesn’t have a lowercase i at the start of it? The Solio not only bucks the spelling trend, it also has the distinction of being the only solar power charger for the iPod (unless we’ve missed something?). The fan-shaped portable charger should provide enough juice for another 9 hours of music play back. The blurb points out that it’s great if you’re stuck on a desert island, which happened to us just the other week as it happens. But seriously, when are you ever far enough away from a power source to warrant carrying one of these round with you? Maybe we’re just being cynical – having tested the iSun solar charger in the feeble-hearted British sunshine only to be greeted with a charge that couldn’t shock a woodlouse, we’re greeting the Solio with a healthy dose of British cynicism (it’s the lack of sunshine that does it.) Still, it looks nice.


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One thought on “Solio Solar Powered iPod Charger

  • I’m buying one to take on a 2 week sailing holiday in Turkey – so there I think there is a (niche) market for these things.

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