Audio Backpack

MP3 players

Have you been good this year? If you have you could find yourself the lucky recipient of this Audio Backpack from I Want One of Those this Christmas. The Audio Backpack isn’t just any old rucksack, no sir, it’s the proud custodian of a set of 10cm directional 5 watt 2 channel speakers. The speakers are, and I quote, "attached to hinged flaps so they can be re-positioned at will". Powered by 6 AA batteries, you should give you 10 hours of music. A pocket for your CD player or MP3 player can be flipped out of the bag to give you easy access, while a pocket at the front houses the amplifier. We’re hoping that the sound quality is going to be surprisingly good because the bag costs £99.99. Your fellow pedestrians are going to just love you.


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