First gig to be broadcast on 3G

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We assumed that, with a name like Rooster, the band’s sound would best be described as “Cock Rock” (ho ho*), but apparently, Music Week describe them as having ‘the swagger of Oasis with Aerosmith’s riffs’ (so it is cock rock after all). Well, whatever they are, they’re about to make mobile music history when their gig at London’s ICA is streamed live across 3’s 3G network. Fans will be able to sign up to a free alert service that let’s them know the show is about to start 10 minutes before the curtains open. A thousand people will then be able to buy tickets from 3’s Live Music box office and access the live video footage of the concert. You can leave and return to the gig whenever you like, presumably so you can complete the experience by buying weak, expensive pints of beer and queuing to use your own toilet.

After the show’s over, all of 3’s 1.2million customers will be able to watch highlights of the 45-minute performance and get access to behind-the-scenes footage. The event is the first commercial trial of the service for 3, so expect many more to come if it proves a success.


*This joke only works if you know British english. Even then it’s not that funny. Apols.

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