Does Bono love Sony music players too?

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He might party with PMs and presidents, have The Pope’s number on speed dial and for all we know be in regular e-mail contact with The Almighty. However, according to gossip circulating at the after show party for Channel Four’s UK Music Hall of Fame, it seems that the patron saint of pop, Bono, can still behave like an old-fashioned rather naughty rock star.

Perhaps the royalty cheques from Band Aid keep getting lost in the post* because U2’s ‘hard up’ lead singer has *apparently* been getting someone from his entourage to ask Sony’s UK PR for a freebie of one of those ever-so-covetable Sony NW-HD1 digital music players.

Not that there’s anything wrong with blagging a player from Sony. Oh no, it’s just that Apple, that’s the company which manufactures the limited edition black and red iPod with U2’s names on it, and whose ads the band appear in, might find it a tad disloyal.

Anyhow if Bono fancies having a go at a head to head comparison of the two players then we’d love to hear from him.

* We’re just joking. Buy the DVD here and look out for the single on Nov 29th.

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  • This is an idiotic rumor. Why does Bono (worth hundreds of millions of dollars) need Sony to GIVE him a $300 (or whatever it costs) player. Don’t ya think he would just send one of his boys down to the local Circuit City and pick one up…
    Wednesday, November 17th, 2004 @ 06:55:28

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