8Mbps Home Broadband


Sorry, what was that we were saying about Telewest’s 4Mbps blueyonder broadband service? We thought that was pretty impressive, but it’s just been trumped by UK Online’s latest offering. The company is now enticing in new custom with an whopping 8Mbps service. For £39.99 a month you can get super-fast 8Mbps download and 400k upload speeds allowing you to stream all manner of goodness knows what all day long if you really must. There’s no bandwith limit, but you will need to fork out a £50 set up fee and the Wireless Ethernet Router that’s on offer costs £69.99. The service, called UK Online Broadband 8000 is available now in some areas, and will be available in 4.4million homes in the UK by early next year.

UK Online

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One thought on “8Mbps Home Broadband

  • Terms & Conditions: “If you use the Broadband Service, we would consider regular or recurring data transfer in excess of 4 Gigabytes per day to be an example of excessive use.”

    Still, not too shabby 🙂

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