Text while driving – no really

Mobile phones

It may be illegal to make voice calls while driving in the UK, but it seems that the readers of Mobile Choice magazine have found a neat way to keep in contact while at the wheel – text.

Over a third of those surveyed in the mag’s annual questionnaire said that they have actually written and sent text messages while driving, a feat that might even pose UK F1 driver Jenson Button a few problems.

Seems the readers of Mobile Choice magazine are also a rather fruity lot. Obviously inspired by England footy captain David Beckham, around 40% of those questioned claimed to have started a relationship via text, while almost a third (28%) admitting to having ‘text sex’, the term applied to couples that indulge in a serious bout of textual flirting.

Texting comes in handy too at the end of relationship with as many as 285 admitting to have twiddled their thumbs to conjure up a Dear John text.

Yet while Mobile Choice readers enjoy a bit of textual intercourse it seems they are rather prudish in other areas. A hefty 50% of readers believed that privacy laws should be attached to the use of camera phones to ensure they don’t get used in gym changing rooms etc.

Finally third (34%) of motorists have admitted to using a handheld mobile while driving, according to a new survey, despite the fact that it has been illegal to do so since December of last year.

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