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Motorola’s just had a mass phone release, with six new handsets announced for the coming months. All the phones are part of Motorola’s clamshell line. The two we’ve got photos of at the moment are the E550 and the V620 [edit: and now the v550 as well]. Full details of all the phones follow and we’ll add photos as and when we get them. The E550 (far right) is a T-Mobile handset that’s being aimed at the entry level market – and is thus inevitably being described as “fun and funky”. It’s not too shabby on features, however, with Bluetooth, video playback, VGA camera and picture caller ID. The V620 is pitched more as a stylish, fashion phone and much is made of the “beautifully tactile matte black and silver” finish. The phone comes with a VGA camera, video playback and capture, Bluetooth 262K colour screen and lots of games.

Despite the fact that the company has shown several megapixel phones – both 3G and GPRS – we’ve yet to see one over here in the UK. We can’t say we’re not disappointed that this latest batch of releases doesn’t include a megapixel handset. Maybe Moto’s biding its time to release something that will wipe the floor with the Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson (etc) handsets, but there’s a chance it could also get left behind.

Details of the other handsets follow.

(details from the press release)

The Motorola V550
The popular V525 has restyled itself as the silky smooth Motorola V550. This
little clam has the ability to capture video clips up to 12 seconds each
which can be shared via MMS, so there may be mobile video evidence of
Christmas parties this year! Key Features include VGA camera, video capture
and playback, Bluetooth®, quad band and new games such as Wakeboarding and
Golf. Available exclusively to Vodafone Live! customers very soon.

The New Motorola V547 – The Hard-Working Handset, perfect for today’s
business calls. The slim and stylish V547 has EDGE for high speed data
exchange, Quad-band capabilities coupled with integrated Bluetooth® wireless
technology, speakerphone, conference calling and e-mail support ensuring
that you always have seamless connectivity. For the lighter side of life,
the V547offers an integrated camera, dedicated photo button for quick shoot
and send power, video capture and playback, and large 176 x 220 colour
display capable of supporting up to 65,000 colors. Users also will find
Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) and MP3 ringtones – creating endless
options for keeping boredom at bay.

The Motorola V545
This little clam, available in soft touch black with silver, has the ability
to capture up to 12 seconds of video to share via MMS. Key Features include
VGA camera, video capture and playback, Bluetooth®, new games such as
Wakeboarding and Fotofun Pack 2. Available exclusively to Orange customers
very soon.

The Motorola V535
Available in a choice of tactile back or blue, the stylish and appealing
V535 is a fun and funky phone that lets you capture and share moments of
your life on video. Key Features include Video playback and capture,
Bluetooth®, VGA camera, picture caller ID

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