Sony's Sky+ on speed

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While UK TV viewers are already getting excited about the enhancements offered by BSkyB on its next generation Sky+ box , that recorder’s 160 Gig hard drive and ability to record several channels at the same time is small beer compared with what Sony is about to unleash on the Japanese market.

The Vaio VGX-X90P, which goes on sale in Japan on November 20 costing around $6500, is a PC based home video server that has a pair of 250 Gigabyte hard drives and can record up to seven channels simultaneously.

The tower shaped PC also contains a trio of analogue TV tuners and comes with its own electronic programming guide. The 250 GB hard drive space is enough to store five and a half days worth of programming from each of the channels.

“In America, TiVo is very famous but we don’t have it in Japan,” said a Sony spokesperson. “This is a kind of TiVo for Japanese users.” They didn’t comment about Sky +.

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