Gadget for the bathroom bashful


Paranoid that when you make a visit to the public khazi that the little grunts and groans you make will be overheard by its other patrons?

Well worry no more, for those ever resourceful Japanese have come up with something caled the Sound Princess, a device installed in public loos that masks any remotely embarrassing noises you may make.

It is a really simple system with users placing their hand over a sensor that plays back a recording of a toilet flushing each time they feel their noise level getting a little too high.

Unlike us Brits for whom bowell movements are something of a national obsession the bathroom bashful Japs are notoriously shy when it comes to answering nature’s calls. Aparently the number of urinals in schools is on the decline as Japanese boys are too embarrased to use them.

While the Sound Princess has been a hit in Japan, the manufacturer, Toto Ltd, has pooh-pooh-ed the idea of it launching elsewhere citing western toilet behaviour as being a little more, ahem, relaxed.

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