Armari suits new PC design


Loads of interesting living room friendly PC designs at the official UK launch of Media Center 2005 last night – most of it from companies we’ve never even heard of. Take Armari. No, not a company ripping off designer suits, but one planning to sell a cute media center server that can sit under your TV.
Unfortunately the picture of the shiny white square box (it’s also available in shiny red) doesn’t quite do it justice. Four ports on the front glow purple and change colour to red when you plug in your digital camera, camcorder etc – well we thought it looked pretty cool anyway. Tech spec includes 600gig mirrored hard drive, dual AMD 1.8GHz processors, 128Mb ATI Radeon graphics card, Hauppauge dual tuner (for recording two channels at the same time), DVD/RW drive and multiple memory card reader. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with the rather less attractive Media Center station (the black box) via an 802.11g wireless connection . Pricing and availability to be announced soon.

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