Apple's iPod Photo in 40 and 60GB versions

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Typical. We desert our post for a couple of hours to chomp on pizza and chuckle at Little Britain and Apple goes and makes it biggest announcement of the year so far.

Yes, that iPod Photo that has been rumoured for the past month or so isn’t just vapourware but a real world product that goes on sale in the UK today.

The basic details are that it is available in 40 (£359, £90 more than an ordinary 40 Gigabyte iPod) and 60 Gigabyte (£429) versions, it sports a 65K colour 65k-color screen with 220 by 176 pixel resolution, has the same click wheel as it predecessor and has – in theory – 15 hours of battery life.

The screen can be used to view your own JPEGs, which you transfer via iTunes, or to see album artwork. It comes with a TV out too so you can view the images on your TV screen. The Photo iPod is exactly the same size as an ordinary iPod.

Buy Apple iPod Photo 40GB for £354 here[M9585]
Buy Apple iPod Photo 60GB for £424 here [M9586]

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