Aigo's MP3 players

MP3 players

The E808 and the F186 are the two latest music players released by the relatively unknown Aigo. The E808 is being pitched as the most affordable MP3 player on the market, with pricing starting at £39.99 for the 128MB version. There’s also a 256MB version for £49.99 and a 512MB variety at £89.99. The player comes with an FM radio with 10 presets and users can record straight from the radio into MP3 and WMA formats via the ADPCM recording feature.

Meanwhile the F186 comes with a few more features, including a voice recording facility and a line-in for recording from other devices onto the player. Any analogue files are converted automatically into digital MP3s. There’s also an FM radio with 20 preset stations and FM recording. The F186 starts at £69.99 for the 128MB version, £89.99 for the 256MB version and £109.99 for the 512MB version.


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