Siemens iPod style phone

Mobile phones

The all pervading design influence of the Apple iPod seems finally to have reached mobile phones.

With its white finish and rectangular shape Siemens new clamshell, the SF65, certainly bears a passing resemblance to Apple’s ubiquitous music player.

The phone breaks new ground for Siemens in that it features a swivel action screen that according to the maker enables it to function like a proper digital camera.

The phone matches its billing too in that it sports a 1.3 mega pixel snapper with an integrated flash and a 4x digital zoom.

Also on board is a 65k colour screen, a pretty generous 18MB of memory, gaming options and polyphonic ringtones.

Those who might mistake for an iPod will be disappointed to discover that it doesn’t actually play MP3s. There’s also no POP3 e-mail compatibility or Bluetooth.

It is set to launch in the UK in January 2005.

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