Now it is file swapping via mobile phones

Mobile phones

Nokia has announced its has developed a peer to peer system for phones that enable users swap image, video and even music files with other people’s mobiles.

Apparently Nokia’s research centre in Budapest has developed a system that works on the company’s 6600 handsets. At present it only works with image and text files, but the company is optimistic that soon large files such as MP3 music and video could be added.

I might be missing something here, but personally I can’t see networks welcoming this move. They already have a system for swapping image files between phones called Multimedia messaging. Can’t see the networks also ceding the potentially lucrative music download market to peer to peer technology at this stage without a huge fight either.

The key for consumers anyway is not about swapping images between handsets but getting those pictures off the phone and on to a PC or printing them out. Hopefully in this sphere we’ll see more solutions like the one offered by Cognima/Bonusprint

The company has also confirmed that it will finally start to offer the Secure Digital (SD) card, or more likely the mini version of the card, on its mobiles.

Most mobile manufacturers, with the obvious exception of Sony Ericsson handsets which sports Memory Stick slots, use SD and with Nokia’s backing the card looks set to become an industry standard for handsets.

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