Robot that eats flies and stinks of poo


What could be better! A robot that eats flies and then uses the energy generated from that to power itself. The robot lures the flies in with a bait made from human turd, making it probably the best robot ever invented. The fly-eating poo bot is the product of Chris Melhuish’s ripe imagination, along with his team of experts at the University of the West of England in Bristol. And while you may think a robot such as this is typical from a nation fixated with toilet humour, they haven’t just come up with the idea for the sake of it. The EcoBot II (as they’ve rather spoil-sportingly dubbed it – think of the fun they could have had) is being designed so that it can go bumbling off on its own into remote or inhospitable areas to measure things like toxins in the air. The eating flies bit is just a sideline for this “release and forget” machine.

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