Oakley Thump MP3 Sunglasses

MP3 players

Oakley’s getting in on the portable audio market with the release of its Thump MP3 sunglasses. The shades come with a 128MB or 256MB music player built in that can play MP3 and WMA files. The headphones don’t actually stick in your ears, but rather “float by” them, and you can adjust them to get the best balance between external noise and the music. If you want to carry on with the music, but don’t want to continue wearing sunglasses, you can just flip the lenses up. You’ll look like a half-wit, but what does that matter. Judging by the press pics you have to be either Goldie or Vin Diesel to pull the things off anyway.

A USB 2.0 connection means you can transfer files across from your computer, and the battery has enough power to run for six hours.


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