Perstel's weird looking DAB radio


How about this for a strange looking radio. Like a cross between a 1950s Bakelite radio and a 21st century air conditioning vent – but in a fairly nice way. It’s actually a kitchen/bedroom radio from Perstel which is compatible with both the main DAB radio frequencies (L Band and Band III) as well as good ole FM.

Up to 100 radio stations can be stored in its memory and there’s a built in alarm clock for waking up to XFM (plus a sleep timer for falling asleep to Radio 3). A six line LCD screen display provides programming info and there are five hot keys and a bookmark function which allow you to move from one favourite station to the next.

The radio is mains powered but it can be run off batteries too (though we wouldn’t recommend it as it takes six batteries which only give 30 hours of listening). It costs £119. For more info go to

Receives: Band-III 174MHz ~ 240MHz, L-Band (regional option) 1452MHz~1492MHz, FM 87.5MHz~108MHz
Decodes audio services up to 256kb/s
Large & Flexible Preset Memory (100 DAB services & 10 FM channels
5 Hotkeys (5 DAB services & 5 FM channels) for Most Favourite Services
Bookmark for Favourite Services
Built-in RTC (Real Time Clock), Buzzer & Radio Alarm, Sleep Timer and Auto Time Setting
Unique Tune Indicator LAMP (works on DAB and FM)
Full Scan & Auto Tuning
Mains & Battery operation
Over 30 hours’ battery life (6 x CM type alkaline cells)Fully integrated Stereo Speaker System (3W RMS output)
6-line LCD screen with white Backlight and Contrast Control
Easy user interface and navigation
Removable Aerial & F-type 75 Ohm Antenna Input
3.5mm headphone socket
Stereo Line-out for Hi-Fi connection
Size 29cm X 16cm X 13cm
Weight 1.5kg excluding batteries and power adaptor

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