3's got Balls

Mobile phones

For those who like a flutter on the gees-gees, or regularly indulge their passion for scratch cards, 3 is now offering the attractively-named Ladbroke Balls! (charming) so gambling fans can feed their habit wherever they happen to be.

The Balls! game is already a firm favourite on the Ladbrokes.com website, apparently. It’s basically a lotto-style numbers draw, with 6 balls being drawn from a total of 48 every minute, every day of the year. If you’re really serious about your gambling you can bet on every minute for a 24-hour period – so up to 1440 bets in one day.

You need to be a member of Ladbrokes.com to use the service. Once signed up, you can access the game on your video mobile using your Ladbrokes log-in details. Users of the service can gamble on a variety of different outcomes, such as the number of balls of a certain colour that will be drawn, or the total of the drawn numbers.

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