Pace portable PVR for pay TV

Personal video players, Satellite TV

Here’s a device that may, one day, let you watch Premiership football or a Sky Movies film on the train or in the car. It’s the world’s first mobile personal video recorder (PVR) for pay TV services. The PVR2GO features a 5 inch widescreen display and can download programmes onto a 40GB hard drive. In addition to MPEG2 and MPEG4 video playback, the PVR2GO can be used for audio (MP3 and Windows Media Audio), viewing JPEG images and playing games. Features include 3D-Surround Sound, stereo headphone socket and USB2.0/IEE1394 connections for multimedia distribution. Sounds like a great product – just one problem. None of the pay TV services have agreed to support the mobile device just yet.

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