November launch for Vodafone's 3G consumer service

Mobile phones

Vodafone has announced that the UK launch of its 3G Live! service for consumers will be in November. The network also announced details of ten new 3G handsets that will be available across its group (though not necessarily the UK) before Christmas.

Apart from offering details of the handsets the release says very little about how Vodafone intends to launch and market its 3G services for consumers in the UK. The handsets, which include models from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung , Sony Ericsson and Sharp have apparently been developed to enable consumers to make the most of the 3G video services which we presume means music and video downloads and streaming and person to person video calls.

Among the highlights are the first phone with a two mega a pixel camera and also optical zoom and autofocus, and phones designed for audio and gaming applications.

More details of the handsets shortly.

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