First 2-megapixel cameraphone for the UK

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Vodafone is fairly slim on the details when it comes to what features its new 3G handsets will include. However, from what we can gather there will be at least one 2-megapixel cameraphone in the group. Sharp’s V902sh handset includes a 2.02-megapixel digital camera, which makes it the first to be launched in the UK. The inclusion on an optical zoom means you’ll actually be able to take proper close up images without the usual crappy blown-up pixel effect you get on the digital zoom cameras. We’re also pretty sure that it’s got a swivel screen, so you’ll be able to use it like a proper LCD preview screen. Somewhat unusually for a modern clamshell, the V902 has no external LCD screen for caller ID info. Looking at the design, Sharp seems to have gone down the Sony Ericsson route of making the phone look like a camera on the back. The idea being that you hold the phone in landscape rather than the usual portrait when taking shots. It’s also got an SD card slot on the side of the casing.

The V802sh handset joins the increasingly growing lineup of 1.3-megapixel handsets on the UK market. From the shots it looks like the 802 will share the 902’s swivel screen design – although there’s no sign of an optical zoom lens. Again, there’s no external LCD. Both handsets will include Bluetooth.

[UPDATE: Looks like the 902 does have an outer screen after all – the camera is on the front of the handset along with a tiny LCD screen, although it’s unclear if it’ll give much more info than the time and signal strength.

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