Nokia unveils 6600 replacement

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In spite of its pug ugly design and dull grey finish Nokia’s 6600 has gone on to become one of the most successful smartphones so far.

Well the good news is that its replacement – the 6670 – has all its functionality of the 6600, plus a few extra features yet is wrapped in a casing that’s a slightly smaller and thicker version of the gorgeous 7610.

Like the 6600 the 6670
is aimed ostensibly at the corporate market – but just like its predecessor there ought to be plenty of consumers takers too.

The 6670 runs the Symbian operating system with the Series 60 interface. It has a comprehensive selection of e-mail facilities including the ability to read most attachments. It also offers personal information management apps and its web browser is compatible with PDF files. Annoyingly, unlike the 7610, the wonderful Opera web browser isn’t fitted as standard.

Other features include the same one mega pixel camera as the 7610 (arguably the best on a phone at the moment), new editing facilities for the shots users take, music and video courtesy of a Real player, a 65k colour screen and Bluetooth.

Nokia recently claimed that the 7610 was the best selling one mega camera smartphone – which we found a tad amusing as in our books it is the only one mega pixel equipped smartphone on sale in the UK. Nevertheless, judging by the amount of 7610s we see being used it certainly seems to have chimed with consumers. Can’t see any reason why the 6670 isn’t also a big hit, though, like the 6600 chances are that many of its buyers will only use a small proportion of its features.

It goes on sale in Europe in October.

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