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Along with the replacement for the 6600 smartphone – the 6670 – Nokia has also upgraded its Remote Camera, the strange digital camera for the more security-conscious among us. The Remote Camera, which now offers 1-megapixel shots and a flash, allows you to keep an eye on your home when you’re out by monitoring for any movements and snapping a picture as soon as it senses anything. The images are then sent over to your phone via MMS or email using the in-built GSM transceiver. The updated camera also includes video and audio capturing, a zoom function and Bluetooth for controlling the unit.

The camera can also be set to just send you regular pics at set intervals, or you can text it telling to send you one. One of its weirder features is that it can send you a notification when a minimum or maximum temperature has been reached and view a graph of the past 24 hours’ temperature history. Not sure why you’d need that, unless maybe you’re keeping your greenhouse at a specific temperature in order to cultivate very rare flowers, but that seems like a pretty niche audience for Nokia to cater to. Maybe we’re missing something.

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