New Palm-based Smartphone surfaces

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Group Sense has never launched a PDA over here, but a couple have turned up via import in recent months (on Expansys, for example). We’re hoping that the company’s latest will show up on these shores at some stage so we can play with one. Pictures of the device have just appeared on the company website. The Xplore M28 is a Palm-based smartphone running Palm OS 5.4, which many are assuming is PalmSource’s ‘Garnet’ platform for smartphones.

Other specs for the device include a Texas Instruments’ OMAP processor with 32MB of SDRAM and 32MB of Flash ROM. The 2.2-inch LCD is a touchscreen panel, and the front panel slides up to reveal a keypad, as with previous models. A VGA digital camera and MP3 player are also included, along with an SD/MMC slot for adding a bit more memory.

Read [Via The Register]

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