LG/Orange 3G phone unveiled

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We might be easily confused, but nevertheless we do wish that LG would stop releasing 3G mobile phones that have virtually identical model numbers. After the arrival of the groundbreaking 8110 on Three – the first half decent 3G mobile – LG then unveiled the 8120 – the same phone with a little more storage.

Now the company has taken the wraps off the 8150. As far as we can tell the phone is the same as the 8120 with two crucial differences.

Firstly LG has upgraded the screen from 65k colours to 262k. Perhaps more importantly the handset won’t be available via UK network 3, instead it is likely to be sold over Europe as the hero handset of Orange’s 3G offering. Needless to say Orange hasn’t confirmed a date for the launch of their handsets, or the consumer part of the 3G network for that matter, but the company did say that it would have some big news about 3G in September.

The well specified handset features video calling and playback, a VGA camera, MP3, POP3 e-mail and personal organiser facilities.

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