Bulldog's super-fast service


You know that by-law that says you can shoot a Welshman in Chester using a bow and arrow between the hours of sunrise and sunset (or something like that – we haven’t troubled to check the exact facts)? Well, the same sort of rule should apply for anyone caught using the @ symbol in place of the letter ‘a’ in an attempt to make the word sound more interesting and techy (if those two things aren’t already mutually exclusive).

That aside, Bulldog Communications, the Cable and Wireless-owned company, is offering a nice new service that provides 4Mbps broadband and phone connection. Prices start from £40 a month for which you get the Bulldog Inter@ctive service – 4Mbps broadband and pay-as-you-go phone charges. £52 a month buys you the Bulldog Super@ctive offer, which is 4Mbps broadband and unlimited calls to UK landlines.

Details from the press release follow:

Bulldog Pro@ctive, priced at £52 per month + VAT and Bulldog Pro@ctive Plus, at £67 per month + VAT, are designed for small office / home office users. With Bulldog Pro@ctive, calls to local, national, mobile and popular international destinations are all capped for the first hour of the call. Additionally, there are no call set-up charges, and there’s no minimum call spend for businesses to achieve the best call rates. Bulldog Pro@ctive services also feature faster upload speeds compared to the residential services: 512Kbps compared to 400Kbps.

None of the Bulldog broadband services, residential or business, have data usage caps or download limits.

It couldn’t be easier to sign up to Bulldog Super@ctive and Bulldog Inter@ctive: the switch is done remotely so there’s no waiting around for an engineer, customers keep their existing phone number, telephone and broadband modem – all they change is their service provider.

For customers who already have a landline, there is a one-off landline transfer fee of £60. For customers who need to install a landline, there’s a one-off set-up charge of £120. As an introductory offer until the end of September, both of these charges are halved, to £30 and £60 respectively.

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