Bluetooth headset helmet for bikers

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Nice to see that while bikers may be born to be wild, they’re not so wild that they can’t ring their mum’s while they’re off feeling the wind in their hair. Momo’s Fighter Prestige Helmet is currently in production. It’s the first helmet with a built in Bluetooth headset allowing bikers to make calls while they’re weaving dangerously in between cars on streets. Motorola is supplying the necessary gadgetry, which will also be available to buy separately so you can stick it on any helmet. The HS810 headset works both on and off the helmet so you don’t have to continue wearing the hard hat after you’ve parked up just to finish off your conversation.

Battery life is quoted at five hours’ talktime and 100 hours of standby time. The helmet will be available at the start of next year from the Italian company. No pricing details as yet.

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