World's largest hard drive


By which we don’t mean that it’s large size-wise, but that, at 400GB, it’s the biggest capacity hard drive out there at the moment. Hitachi is the company responsible, producing the 3.5-inch DeskStar (!) 400P for all you data hungry users out there.

In the words of Group Executive, Mark Wilkin: “the growth of broadband internet access and home networking is helping to fuel the demand for more data storage and higher transfer rates. With 400GB of storage capacity at your disposal you can download several full length feature movies, store up to 100,000 high quality 4 minute MP3 files or hold the equivalent data of 40,000 typical library books on disk.”

More details from the press release follow:

Bundled with all the software, cables and accessories needed for computer users to easily upgrade their computer systems, the Hitachi DeskStar™ 400P offers an easy way to boost storage capacity and improve system performance. By combining Hitachi’s enterprise-class hard disk drive technologies with an excellent software and accessories pack, consumers get a impressive disk drive that is easy and simple to install.
The DeskStar™ 400P is ideal for high performance multimedia playback and recording. A high rotational speed (7,200 rpm for the DeskStar™ 400P whilst the previously largest disk drives typically operate at 5,400 rpm) combined with an 8 MB data buffer ensures excellent performance and data transfer rates. This also allows users to benefit from faster system boot ups, quicker screen refreshes and quicker access to information.

The complete DeskStar™ 400P kit includes an Easy-Setup guide, high speed cable and mounting screws plus installation utilities and Hitachi Data Fitness Test software. Free on-line and telephone support is also available for customers.

It will be on sale in September.

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