V3 RAZR available now!

Mobile phones

Well, not quite. Motorola’s new ultra-skinny V3 RAZR won’t be in the shops till September, but if you’re desperate to get your hands on one as soon as they come out, you can pre-order one now.

Carphone Warehouse is taking pre-orders for the handset, with the price at just under £500 for a SIM-Free version. When you consider that, for that price, you can get yourself a powerful smartphone, you’ve probably missed the point of the RAZR.

This is not a phone for people wanting the most powerful specs and most impressive feature set. The V3 is for the fashionistas who want to be seen with the slickest looking phone around – preferably before anyone else is seen with it. The question still remains to be answered, however: are there enough of these people around to make the V3 RAZR a success?

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