Swimmers rejoice – the UK's first waterproof MP3 player arrives


Over the past few months we have written about several waterproof MP3 players, though we have never really expected to see a product launch in the UK.

Well Oregon Scientific has obviously been listening to the silent pleas of TD’s swimming-obsessed team for it has lined up a September launch the £100 Oregon Scientific MP120 waterproof MP3 player.

The small flash-memory based device has 128MB of storage – enough for a couple of hours of Beach Boys tunes – and, apparently, you can even take it surfing.

Other features include;

Totally waterproof with waterproof earphones
Play up to 2 hours of MP3/ 4 hours of WMA digital music
Up to 10 hours of continual playback between charges
Shockable design with durable rubber finish
5 preset equalizer modes
Requires no software drivers
Simple drag and drop for music transfer
FM radio
Comes in four different funky colours, orange, black, blue, white

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