Slightly dodgy looking MP3 Watches

MP3 players

We’re going to ignore the fact that these images look like they were painted by a court illustrator and just get on with giving you the facts. These MP3 watches are made by a company called ORM Media (which doesn’t appear to have a website) and are being sold exclusively in this country by Martek UK (website currently under construction.)

So, there’s a strong chance that these will end up being one of the many products that vanish without a trace after being announced, but that’s not going to stop us getting a story out of it. The MP3 watches have 128MB of memory and supply around 10 hours of MP3 and WMA music playback. They’re water resistant, use the old USB 1.1 connection and weigh 50-80g.

The website’s here, but there’s nothing on it.

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