Another robot vacuum cleaner


Robot Vacuum cleaners seem to be a bit of a growth market. While there might not be as many Roomba copycats as there are for the iPod, there’s still a fair number of the little buggers beginning to crop up (even if they never see the light of day. The e-Vac from Sharper Image is the latest robot cleaner to appear, carrying the promise of a cleaner carpet in its tiny portable shell.

The cleaner, which is on sale now for $299.95 (around £164) uses its two 5-inch wheels to potter about the house, cleaning as it goes and avoiding any obstacles along the way via sensors in its wheels and some mini traffic cones judiciously placed around the room.

There’s no further details – such as whether the machine can clean stairs (although we suspect not) or if it offers any features likely to compete with the Roomba or Trilobite – but it’s certainly a lot cheaper.

Read [via I4U]

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