MP3 Alarm Clock in UK

MP3 players

You may recall the MP3 Alarm clock we wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, Firebox has bought it over to the UK will be selling it from October for £24.95. The MP3 Alarm Clock (not the most innovative title, but it does what it says on the tin) allows you to download MP3s or record short voice messages to tailor-make your wake up call.

While we still can’t discover much information about it, we’re beginning to suspect it’s not quite the MP3 player we thought it was. From what we can gather, the alarm clock only has space for 50 seconds of recording, which then acts as your alarm. So rather than waking up to the sound of your favourite tunes, you get a short burst of one tune every day until you change it to a 50-second snatch of another tune.

Fair enough for the price, but disappointing nonetheless.


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