Amstrad set to launch 3rd generation E-mailer phone


Remember when Amstrad ruled the world with its green-screened word processors and computers? Then the company moved on to satellite dishes, becoming the top European provider for satellite dishes. Now, however, it’s probably more well-known for its e-mailer phones, the large phone units with screen and keyboard that provide tech-phobes with the facilities to send emails. The second version, the e-mailerplus (pictured), added texting facilities and internet connection, as well as a smartcard reader for making online transactions.

Now the company is set to launch the E3, the third generation model. The official announcement will be made on 15th September, and all we could get out of people over at Amstrad is that the phone will come with a completely new feature not currently present on the e-mailer plus.

We’re guessing it will be a camera with MMS capabilities, or maybe a webcam facility so your mum can chat to your auntie in Australia. Another slight possibility is Voice over IP. Either that or Amstrad is about to embark on another new venture, and the E3 will come with built-in washer-drier, a mîcrowave oven and a fondue set.

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