Meridian's adds to its G Series

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Meridian Audio has released four analogue products as part of its G Series range.

Two 2-Channel Power Amplifiers (the G56 and G57), one Multichannel Power Amplifier (G55) and a Stereo Control Unit with Tuner (G01) have been launched.

The G01 (£1450), which has been designed to complement the G Series power amplifiers, is an analogue control unit with an AM/FM RDS/RDBS tuner.

The G56 (£1495) is a dual-mono amp that produces 100 watts per channel. The G57, which offers 200 x 2 at 8Ω, costs £1995, while the five-channel Meridian G55 – delivering 100 watts per channel – will set you back £2695.


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