3 steals the show from BBC

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The BBC may have spent £105million on the Premiership football highlights, but it looks like they’ve had their thunder well and truly stolen by mobile phone operator, 3. All the best bits from each of the Premiership matches will be available to 3 customers hours before they appear on BBC’s Match of the Day.

3 customers will be able to download video highlights, including all the goals from 5.15pm on Saturdays and five minutes from the final whistle on all other days. Match of the Day doesn’t air until 10.30pm, so apart from the live broadcasts of games, 3 will be showing footage from the matches first.

This has got to be a very good incentive for football fans to buy a 3 phone – even if it is shaky low-res sub-camcorder video quality. And with pretty reasonable pricing, we can see it being a pretty popular service.

Two payment options are available to 3 customers: unlimited access to match highlights costs £5 a month with 3’s Sports Add-on service; while individual games highlights can be downloaded at a cost of 50p per game. The Sports Add-on package also provides access to the UEFA Champions league games and other big sporting events, such as the Olympic Games.

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