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Some of you may recall the Auvi SA1500 MP3 player that we reported on back in January. Well, the tiny player that makes the iPod look positively obese, is coming soon to Firebox for £249.95.

Measuring 96mm x 60mm x 13.1mm and weighing a paltry 116g, the Auvi SA1500 is almost as mini as the Mini, and yet comes up with 20GB of storage space for MP3 and WMA files. The battery life of the Auvi also puts the iPod to shame, touted at 20 hours of continuous playback. And while many of the so-called iPod Killers let themselves down with chunky design or ugly colouring, the Auvi SA1500 appears to be a rather appealing little player in silver and black.

The Auvi should be available around October time. Check Firebox’s website for pre-order info.


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