Digital Cameras from Oregon


Oregon Scientific’s new range of MP3 players seems to be only part of the company’s grand plan to reinvent itself. The company has also announced a range of colourful and slim digital cameras.

Features on both the DS6688 and the DS6639 cameras are pretty standard fare, but it’s the colourful and svelte cases that provide the cameras’ main selling points. (There’s an orange one as well as the ones pictured).

The £200 DS6688 is the 3-megapixel offering, with a 1.5-inch TFT screen for previewing images, and a 2x digital zoom. There’s also autofocus, automatic exposure and white balance and an automatic flash (hardly pushing the boundaries of technology, we know, but we thought we’d mention it all anyway). 16MB of internal memory can be bolstered by the SD/MMC slot, while a docking station means you can download pics to your computer with ease.

The DS6639 is even skinnier, with 2 megapixels for £90. There’s not much else to talk about on this one really. No mention of the internal memory or external storage and there’s no preview screen so far as we can tell either.


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