Is this Apple's next product?


Rumours of what Apple is going to come up with next are in almost endless supply. A personal video player, a PDA, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to trying to second guess what’s coming next.

And here’s another bit of guesswork – but this time it’s a bit more of an educated guess than usual. It seems there’s a chance that Apple is intending to release a Tablet PC-esque computer. Back in May, Apple apparently filed plans for a “handheld computer,” the details of which have recently come to light. Despite the fact that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, has always insisted that Apple were unlikely to release a PDA, the keyboard-less PC certainly has many of the qualities of a PDA – even if it looks more like a tablet.

The handheld computer will most likely run iTunes and other iLife applications, and also act as a controller for AirPort Express. With the new iMac rumoured to be an all-in-one machine, with 17-inch and 20-inch displays, this could turn out to be a more portable partner to the iMacs.

And while the designs don’t look anything special – especially for an Apple product – and the finished product is unlikely to ignite as much excitement as the iPod, this does seem to chime more with Apple’s outlook and aims than either a PDA or a PVP.


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