Bikers go digital

MP3 players

While silver may be starting to look a bit passé in the gadget world, we still can’t resist a nice bit of shiny chrome. Especially not when that chrome gadget is attached to a Harley Davidson.

The Road Tech HA90 is Harley’s own handlebar-mounted MP3 player. The music player uses SD memory cards, which means you’ll probably only be able to fit Freebird, Bat Out Of Hell and maybe a bit of Blue Oyster Cult before the maximum 1GB of memory runs out.

The player comes already supplied with a 64MB SD card. Large, backlit buttons on front means big hands in large gloves will be able to control it, while biker geeks will be pleased to note it uses the faster USB 2.0 connection.

Looks like it’s only available in the US at the moment.

Read [via Engadget]

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