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Fusion Digital Technology has some rather nice digital video recorders in its portfolio. While Sky+ may keep the satellite viewers happy, those reluctant to fork out for the Sky subscription fee will need to look for other alternatives.

Fusion Digitec already has a hard disk recorder for Digital TV and the company is soon to offer a couple of new recorders.

The Digifusion FVRT100 Digital Video Recorder has room for 40 hours of programmes on its 40GB hard drive, using the company’s own Super Compression Technology (SCT). And it’s ideal for those who are fed up of all those boxes under the TV, with a DVD player built into the unit.

We rather like this space-saving idea. But it would be even more appealing with a built-in DVD burner. Then you could save all your favourite shows to DVD, allowing you to free up space on the hard drive. Let’s hope that one’s coming next.

There’s also a new box coming that provides 80GB of storage space. The FVRT200 Twin Tuner Digital Video Recorder may not come close to the capacity of the new Sky+ 160GB recorder, but it’s double what Sky currently offers. Using SCT, you can record up to 80 hours of programmes – the same as the new Sky+ box. The 7 Day EPG means you can set recordings up to a week in advance. The Digifusion external hard disk drives can also be connected to the device, allowing you to upgrade the memory to up to 120GB.

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