Bulldog offers 2&2meg broadband


Ignoring Bulldog Communication’s rather unexciting logo for just a moment, inhabitants and workers of central London may be interested to hear about its latest broadband service. While broadband services offering 2Meg downloads are everywhere now, Bulldog has upped the ante by offering a service with a rather nifty 2Meg upload too. To put that in perspective most broadband services have upload speeds of a pitiful 128/256kbps.

Sadly the service, Bulldog 2&2 Office and SoHo, isn’t cheap. With a £200 monthly bill and £250 installation fee for the Office service, you really would have to have a compelling reason for wacking over those large files quickly.It includes a block of eight usable public IP addresses and a choice of a wires-only service or a fully managed installation.

The SoHo service, costing £160 a month plus the £259 installation fee, is aimed at small groups, perfect, apparently, for sharing between up to four users. The recommended router for managed installation uses a 4-port Ethernet switch and a firewall.


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