Sony Ericsson 3G phone's August launch

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Carphone Warehouse has announced it is to begin selling Sony Ericsson’s first 3G phone, the Z1010, next month. Yet it is still not entirely sure which 3G network it will be paired with. With Orange announcing that its consumer 3G launch details won’t be before September, Vodafone or Three are the obvious choices.

The Z1010, which features person-to-person video calling, video download and playback, an MP3 player and Bluetooth, is likely to partner Samsung’s Z105 as Vodafone’s launch 3G phone in the UK.

A recent sample of the phone sent to What Cellphone magazine featured access to Vodafone’s 3G version of its Live! portal.

The Z1010 may also be available via Three too. Yet why the rush of interest in a phone that is been around for a year and a half beats us.

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