Motorola super slim RAZR phone

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In terms of iconic phone designs, Motorola certainly leads the way and it looks like the company has just done it again with the release of the V3 RAZR.

The clamshell phone is incredibly slim – just 14mm – which is about a third of the depth of rival phones like the Sharp GX30 and Motorola V600. It is also very slight weighing in at a very pocket-friendly 95g.

Motorola has also pulled off some pretty neat tricks with the keypad which features illuminated keys sitting flush on the casing. Amazingly, the keys are incredibly easy to use.

The internal 2.2-inch TFT screen has support for 260k colours, and the external display is also in colour.

Motorola has managed to squeeze in a VGA camera as well as Class 1 Bluetooth technology. MPEG4 Video playback, along with a 3D graphics engine, means it’s not too shabby on specs – although obviously the slim design means it’s not the most fully featured phone on the market.

No pricing info as yet, but expect it to be at the top end of the market when it launches in October.

More on the Motorola website.

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