Motorola MPx220 finally confirmed

Mobile phones

Along with the launch of the V3 RAZR, Motorola also finally confirmed the release of the MPx220, the company’s upgraded smartphone.

The MPx220 looks likely to be an improvement on the MPx200, the company’s previous Windows Mobile clamshell. The MPx220 has added the features lacking in its predecessor, namely: a 1.23 megapixel camera and Bluetooth capabilities. There’s also a miniSD card slot and 10MB of available memory. It will be available at the end of Q3 which in our book means October.

Judging by this news release, it also sounds like the MPx220 is going to have RIM’s Blackberry capabilities as well. Having push emails is likely to make it a far more tempting prospect. Having said that, most of the handset manufacturers seem to be jumping on the Blackberry bandwagon at the moment (the latest rumblings are coming from the Siemens corner), so it might not be such a unique selling point after all.


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