World's 2nd smallest MP3 player hits UK

MP3 players

Samsung is to bring the world’s smallest MP3 player (well it was until the arrival of the BenQ Joybee 102) to the UK in August. Slightly larger than an AA battery, the YP-T5, which is 5.4cm tall and weighs just 24 grams, will be available in two versions; with 128MB (£100) or 256MB (£150) of storage.

The YP-T5 features Windows Media Audio (WMA) playback and can record from external sources, like a CDs player or hi-fi system, directly encoding them as MP3s on the player. It can also moonlight as a voice recorder. In spite of its size the YP-T5 sports a small LED screen that offers information such as track ID and file navigation.

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