iRiver adds colour

MP3 players

The must-have new feature in hard disk based music players this summer is not Bluetooth, as we rather unwisely predicted back in January, but rather a colour screen.

iRiver has joined Sony and Archos in unveiling a player with a 2inch colour LCD that can be used for displaying digital images. The HD300 series players, which will be available in 20Gigabyte (H320 £300) and 40Gigabyte (H340 £350) versions, allow users to port images to the player’s hard drive from a PC via USB.

The players are compatible with a range of music formats including MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis. They also feature an integrated FM radio and can double as a voice recorder. Battery life is rated at around 16 hours. Both are scheduled to launch in the UK within the month.

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