The PC that thinks it is a hi-fi


We have been hearing a lot about the entertainment PC recently – the computer that is eyeing up that space under your TV that’s currently the preserve of a DVD player and Sky + box.

Trouble is most PCs not only look far too awful to ever find a way near our lounge, they also boast large noisy cooling fans, which you certainly don’t want as a permanent soundtrack to your living room.

In a bid to make PCs that blend in with living rooms surroundings ECS has delivered a computer that’s a deadringer for a hi-fi system.

Finished in an aluminum case the ECS EZ-Bundle 2 combines a fully specified Windows XP PC with a remote control that can instantly access music, video and image stored on the computer without it having to be booted up. The computer includes a digital TV card, DVD player/rewriter and hard disk video recording functionality.

Accompanying the EZ-Bundle 2 are a pair of speakers, a wireless remote control and a 17inch LCD monitor. The EZ-Bundle 2 is available in a number of different specifications with a 200GB hard disk, 3.2GHz processor and 512Mb of memory version retailing for around £1350.

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