Apple-esque PVR

Personal video players

Apple may not yet have manufactured a personal video player, but some of its rivals have displayed personal video players (PVP’s) that take their design cues from the iPod. Mobile Mag reports that at the Computex 2004 exhibition in Taipei TwinMOS unveiled the X-Frame 2, a device with a large 7inch LCD screen (most PVPs are either 3.5 – 4inches) and a 20 Gigabyte hard disk finished in an Apple-esque white casing.

The device can play back MPEG4, DiVX, QuickTime and Windows Media video files as well as MP3 and WMA audio. Also at the show PQI unveiled the mPack, a PVP which, in addition to playing a host of audio and video files, can also store and playback Java games.

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